The team was established in 2009 by coaches, volunteers and parents for the Bloomfield, Connecticut community and surrounding towns. Our mission is to encourage physical fitness and fun learning experiences for youth 5 to 18 years old by providing opport

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Central CT Jaguars

The Jaguars Track Club serves athletes from 26 different towns in Connecticut and Massachusetts


Coaches Philosophy

The Central CT Jaguars Coaches and volunteers consist of a diverse group of individuals whose mission is to develop and promote youth athletics in the sport of track and field.  The Coaches believe that every child should be trained equally regardless of their abilities.  They emphasize a family oriented atmosphere and celebrate all Jaguar athletes individual milestones. 



Coaching  Staff Accomplishments & Awards

All Jaguars Coaches are USATF certified.  (For a complete list of CT USATF certified coaches visit


The Jaguars Coaching Staff is comprised of coaches that have completed USATF Coaching Level 1, 2, and USATF Official Certification

Coaching Staff also includes CIAC Certified High School Coaches



Coaching Staff Recognition

2010 AAU Athletics Coaching Spirit Award

2011-2012 CT High School Coaches Association Coach of the Year


          US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association                  2019 Boys Track and Field  Coach Association Coach of the Year - Connecticut

Coaching Staff State Championships


Boys Outdoor Class M Champions 2000


Boys Outdoor State Open Champions 2000


Girls Outdoor Class M Champions 2001


Boys Outdoor State Open Champions 2003


Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2005

Girls Outdoor Class M Champions 2006


Girls  Indoor Class S Champions 2001


Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2007

Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2008

Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2009

Boys Outdoor Class M Champions 2010

Boys Outdoor Class M Champions 2011

Boys Outdoor Class M Champions 2012

Boys Outdoor Class M Champions 2013

Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2014

Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2015

Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2016

Boys Outdoor Class M Champions 2017

Boys Outdoor Class S Champions 2019


Boys Outdoor State Open Champions 2013

Boys Outdoor State Open Champions 2019


Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2011

Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2013

Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2014

Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2015

Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2016

Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2019

Boys Indoor Class S Champions 2020


Boys Indoor State Open Champions 2013

Boys Indoor State Open Champions 2020


Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2008

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2009

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2010

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2011

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2012

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2013

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2014

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2015

Girls Outdoor Class S Champions 2016


Girls Outdoor State Open Champions 2012

Girls Outdoor State Open Champions 2013

Girls Outdoor State Open Champions 2016


Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2010

Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2011

Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2012

Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2013

 Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2014

Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2015

 Girls Indoor Class S Champions 2016


Hundreds of All American, All New England, All State, and All Conference Athletes
(In the High jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Hurdles, Pole Vault, Jav, Discus, Shot Put, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m...)